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Blue Fescue (Festuca cinerea ‘Elijah Blue’)

Blue Fescue Elijah blueI am very partial to blue foliage and when it comes looking like a big plump sea urchin I can’t resist. I know that this plant will have a hissy fit in the heat and humidity and may even give up and die on me but I just can’t resist it and I am always on the look out for a source to ensure its presence in my garden. The blue color of the low growing tufts stays true all summer (unless it dies) and adds a fine spiky texture to the front of the border. The rather inconspicuous soft pale gold flower heads that develop in June add interest but I would grow this plant even if it didn’t produce any. It’s a cute plant…what more can I say?

Type: Grass.

Bloom: Inconspicuous pale gold flower heads produced in June.

Size: 6-10” H x 12”W.

Light: Full sun with afternoon shade in the South.

Soil: Poor, well drained, neutral or slightly alkaline soil.

Hardiness: Zones 5-9.

Care: In early spring cut back the foliage back 1-2” above the crown. Remove seed heads as they develop; the plant will reseed itself but the seedling will vary in color from green to blue. Do not fertilize or over water.

Pests and Diseases: May wane and die off in heat and humidity.

Propagation: Divide in spring or fall; seed may not come true in color.

Companion plants: Lovely with pink flowers such as Dianthus spp, cranesbill (geranium spp), evening primrose (Oenothera speciosa) and with the foliage of ‘Burgundy Glow’ ajuga.

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