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Plant Profile: Mexican Sunflower ‘Fiesta Del Sol’ (Tithonia rotundifolia ‘Fiesta del Sol’)

‘Fiesta del Sol’ is the first truly dwarf Mexican sunflower topping out at 2½’ instead of 5-6’ like other varieties. The plants thrive in heat and humidity, are drought tolerant, and produce masses of daisy-like bright orange flowers from late summer into fall. The attractive foliage and stems are covered with soft fuzz that gives a velvety feel when touched. Butterflies love them but deer don’t. This All American Selections winner is a great plant for middle of the border or even in a container. It is a good cut flower too, just sear the stems in boiling water or over a flame and condition in warm water.

Type: Annual.

Bloom: Bright orange daisy-like flowers 2-3” across from late summer into fall.

Foliage: Coarse, fuzzy leaves.

Size: 24-30” H x 12” W.

Light: Full sun to part shade (morning sun).

Soil: Average, well-drained; drought resistant.

Fertilizer: None.

Care: Easy care.

Pests and Diseases: Thrips, aphids, and other sucking insects can be a problem.

Propagation: Seed.

Companion plants: Yellow zinnias, marigolds, and blanket flower (Gaillardia), annual and perennial ornamental grasses.

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