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Five Fabulous Pink Single Roses

When you think about a rose you probably invision the ones from a florist like Mdme Delbard or the cabbage roses pictured in 17th century paintings. These roses are beautiful and probably have between 35 and 100+ petals. But there is a whole group of roses that have fewer petals and are beautiful in their own right. There is even a rose with no petals; it has numerous green sepals and is appropriately called The Green Rose. Then there is another whole group of roses that have between 4 and 8 petals and are considered “single”. These roses have a simple beauty and have the added advantage of being less susceptible to “balling”, a condition that prevents roses flowers from opening.

Single roses come in a variety of color but here are five pink ones that are rated highly by the American Rose Society. (ARS rating is out of 10, with 10 being high)

The bush is large and covered with the small pink flowers that open dark pink and slowly fade and develop a white eye. The flowers are borne in large clusters and give way to small orange hips. The leaves are small, medium-green, and healthy.

    Type: Hybrid Musk
    Flower Size: 1.2 “
    Flowering: Almost continuously
    Scent: Musky
    Height: 5’
    Hardiness: Zone 6
    ARS Rating: 8.7

‘Dainty Bess’
Beloved by Bob Hope, ‘Dainty Bess’ has pale pink petals that are darker on the underside. The beauty of the flower lies not in the petals, however, but in the purple color and form of the stamens. The flowers are borne in loose clusters of 3-5, on long stems, and are followed by large red hips. The foliage is dull and prone to black spot; the stems have many thorns.

    Type: Hybrid Tea
    Flower Size: 4.3
    Flowering: Repeats well
    Scent: Light and fruity
    Height: 3.5’
    Hardiness: Zone 5
    ARS Rating: 8.5

‘Betty Prior’
Known for its abundance of flowers, ‘Betty Prior’ is one of the early Floribundas and is tough and reliable. The flowers open carmine pink with darker reverse and fade to almost white. They are borne in clusters of 5-15 and may develop red blotches due to falling rain. Healthy foliage grows down to the ground eliminating the problem of “ugly knees”.

    Type: Floribunda
    Flower Size: 2”
    Flowering: Late in starting but nearly continuous
    Scent: Light
    Height: 3.5’
    Hardiness: Zone 5 (best color in cool climates)
    ARS Rating: 8.2

‘Carefree Delight’/’Bingo Meidiland’
Pale pink petals are enhanced with a mass of pale yellow stamens. The flowers are borne on long stems in large, airy clusters of 10-30. New growth is reddish and adds color to the bush. The foliage is dark green, shiny, and very healthy; stems are very prickly.

    Type: Shrub
    Flower Size: 2”
    Flowering: Almost continuous
    Scent: Light and sweet
    Hardiness: Zone 4
    ARS Rating: 8.2

The flowers open with light purple crimson ruffled petals that later fade to bright pink. A mass of yellow stamens fills the center creating a frilly look. Flowers are borne on long stems sometimes singly but often in clusters of two to seven. The leaves are dark green, glossy and healthy.

    Flower Size: 3”
    Flowering: Repeats well
    Scent: Light, fruity, sweet
    Height: 3’
    Hardiness: Zone 5
    ARS Rating: 8.4

These five roses are all exceptional choices for the garden. They range in color from dark to light pink and in size from large to small. ‘Playgirl’ at 3’ tall makes an excellent choice for the front of the garden, while ‘Carefree Delight’ and ‘Betty Prior’ make a superb hedge. All of the roses are long blooming and can be used in a rose garden or border.

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