Also known as TSWV, this viral disease infects up to 1000 different plant species including ornamentals, vegetables, field crops and weeds. It is carried by at least 9 species of thrips, minute insects with cigar-shaped bodies and weak feathery wings. Symptoms on the leaves include bronze or dark ringspots and upward rolling; on the fruits, yellow ringspots and, less often, brown necrotic sunken areas. Plants may be stunted and young ones may die. Photo Credit Downtowngal Wikipedia


  1. Remove infected plants immediately
  2. Control weeds paying special attention to common ones like dandelion, buttercup, chickweed, and plantain that serve as alternative hosts.
  3. Use a reflective mulch
  4. Use TSWV resistant varieties of tomato such as ‘Health Kick’, ‘Amelia”, or ‘Top Gun (none are immune)
  5. Clean up the garden for winter including the removal of all plant debris