When you think about growing cucumber you should consider this All America Selection winner of 1994. The slender dark green, 8-9” long fruits are excellent slicers and are produced are plants that are considerably smaller than other vine varieties, saving valuable garden space. In spite of compact growth, the harvest period is longer and the yield is higher than other cucumbers. If that is not enough, this cultivar is also disease resistant/tolerant to cucumber mosaic virus, powdery mildew, downy mildew, scab, angular leaf spot and anthracnose. Sixty three days to maturity.

Days to Harvest: 63

Planting Date: Plant when soil is warm; seeds need warm soil for germination and plants need warm temperatures for pollination. Seeds may be started indoors 2-3 weeks before setting out.

Spacing: Plant seed 1” deep, 3″ apart and thin to 12” apart.

Germination: 5-7 days.

Size: Fruits slender 8-9” long; plants are vines to 4’.

Light: Full sun.

Water: Keep evenly moist.

Soil: Fertile, moist, well drained.

Fertilizer: Feed every 3-4 weeks with a complete fertilizer (10-10-10).

Care: May be grown vertically on a slanted frame; pinch tip of rambling vines to encourage branching.

Pests and Diseases: Cucumber bacterial wilt.

Suitable for containers? Bush varieties are more suitable.

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By Karen