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The Language of Flowers: Aspen (Populus tremula)

Aspen is a deciduous tree and belongs to the willow family, Salicaceae, that also includes poplars and cottonwoods.  Populus tremula is native  Europe and Asia and should not be confused with Populus tremuloides that is native North America.  Both species are found in cool climates and have outstanding bright yellow fall coloration and leaves with flattened petioles  that allows them to tremble in the slightest breeze.  Only P. tremula is mentioned in Elizabeth Wirt’s floral dictionary.

Meaning in the language of Flowers: Excess of sensibility


Come where the Aspens quiver,

Down by the falling river!

Sing of fame and glory_

Sing of the poor maid’s story.   Alex. Lee


The maiden’s tale was quickly told_

of love that could forsake_

Of a fond heart that beat too true,

And then could only break.   L.E. L


Our hour of passionate joy,

And one hour of passionalte grief;

A morning_and a midnight,

fill’d up her life’s short leaf.

L.E. L. Juliet after the Masquerade


Who, that the passion’s power hath proved,

its fever-fits of joy and pain_

Who hath well and wildly loved,

Would love again?

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