lavender-leavesAngustifolia (an gust i FO lee a): from the Latin angustus meaning narrow, and folia meaning leaf.

The term, meaning narrow leaf, can be used as a specific, cultivar, or varietal name, and distinguishes the plant from other similar plants on the basis of the width of the leaf. The term is relative and so can be used to describe a leaf that is 1/4 ” wide or 4 inches wide or wider.

Common lavender is Lavandula angustifolia. It has 1/4″ leaves that are 2.5 inches long. The leaves as well as the other parts of the plant are fragrant and provide oils for perfume. Popular cultivars are ‘Hidcote’, ‘Jean Davis’, and ‘Mustead Dwarf”.

The southern magnolia ‘Augustifolia’, is a French cultivar of Magnolia grandiflora dating from 1825. As the cultivar name implies, the spear-shaped leaves are relatively narrow; 8 inches long by 4.4 inches wide. Angustifolia is also used as an alternative specific name for Magnolia grandiflora.

By Karen