Melk_Abbey_aerial_WikipediaMost people come to see the church, the library, and the Benedictine abbey itself but few take the time to explore the grounds. As spectacular as the buildings are, the gardens deserve a visit. The grounds include a magnificent entrance, a rose garden, and a baroque park designed in 1750, updated in 1822 as an English landscape garden, and revitalized in 2000.The abbey with its gardens is located on a rocky outcrop high above the Danube and the city of Melk in Lower Austria. It can be reached by on foot or by a short bus ride from the town. A map gives the general layout of the abbey and its grounds.

Melk map mine


The bus drop off point is made very hospitable by a pleasant hedge.

Melk sitting area at bus stop

The first sight of the abbey and ground from the bus gives the visitor an idea of how high and rocky the site is.

Melk entrance


The park area is terraced.


Melk terrace walls


The terraces are filled with carefully tended shrubs.


Melk terrace veg

A grand staircase takes the visitor from the bus drop off point to the abbey grounds.



Melk stairway


A cobblestone walkway takes visitors through a gate into the courtyard.


Melk gate to courtyard

Lush green grass adorned with sculpture flank the walkway.

Melk grass with stauary

Entrance to park begins with a tree-lined walk to the pavilion.


Whimsical sculpture adorns the grass parterres.

Melk whimsical statuary

A rose garden flanks the pavilion with some familiar favorites; ‘Wife of Bath’,’ Fair Bianca’, ‘Warwick Castle’, and ‘Othello’.

Melk rose garden

Behind the pavilion and an arch in a hedge beckons.


Melk arch to long walk

A long walk runs along the edge of the cliff.

Melk long walk Chuck


A fabulous view of the city of Melk lies below.

Melk view


On the other side of the walk is a woods with paths running throughout.

Melk paths in woods

At various points there are places to that invite a quiet moment for contemplation.




A pool occupies a clear area in the woods.

Melk pool in woods 2

Other clearings in the woods include a gazebo and sculpture.

Melk Gazebo and statuary

Some of the sculpture takes on a whimsical nature.

Melk hands stuatary

These faces stand guard over a terrace.


A bird on a dead tree trunk stands against a wall.

Melk bird on post

Many birds adorn a parterre nearby.

Melk birds on fallen tree

Sometimes the adornments are unusual like these wool tree coverings.

Melk trees with sox

A flower bed adds color on the edge of the woods.

Melk flowerbed


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Melk Abbey

Aerial view by Matthias Kabel via Wikipedia

By Karen