There are few things more beautiful than a well manicured lawn. Some people love them, others hate them, and very few people think they are interesting. But just think for a moment, how many other plants can grow so close together to form a virtual carpet? Not many. And that carpet can take foot traffic, pet poop, and all sorts of abuse, and recover to provide a soft ground cover that will look good, absorb the rain, and prevent erosion. Yes, a lawn is a miraculous thing.

Here are some fun facts from the Turf Resource Center that prove that lawns are interesting.

A turfgrass lawn 100 x 100 feet (10,000 square feet)
6 grass plants per square inch
850 plants per square foot
8.5 million plants total
a billion miles of roots (387 miles of root/plant)

releases enough oxygen for 16 people (4 families of 4)
is 6 times more effective absorbing rainfall than a wheat field and 4 times more effective than a hayfield

Next time you walk past a lawn think about all those grass plants and the oxygen they put out and rainfall they absorb. It’s amazing.

Lawn Care Pointer

By Karen