Alnus incana Aurea leafless branchesThis small deciduous tree offers winter interest with its colorful shoots in shades of reddish yellow or orange. In late winter or early spring pink tinged catkins appear and are followed by yellow leaves that turn mid-green by summer and gold in the fall. Golden alder is a slow growing plant and not as vigorous as the species so is a better choice for a small garden. It likes areas where winters are cold and wet and summers are cool so is suitable for the northern parts of the US. Leafless branches with catkins and small cone-like fruits from the previous year are especially attractive in arrangements both fresh and dried. The catkins continue to develop in water so a single branch can be used for weeks. Use it with spring flowers, in oriental arrangements, or with dried materials.alnus-incana-aurea-catkins 2Cutting: No special treatment
Conditioning: Cut a 1-2” vertical slit in the base of the stem and put in warm water overnight.
Preserving: Leafless branches with catkins and cones dry in the vase.
Size: 15-30’ H x 12-24’ W
Light: Full sun develops best yellow color in the leaves but plant tolerates some shade
Soil: Average, moist; tolerates drought and wet soil.
Hardiness: Zones 2-6
Propagation:Seed, soft wood cuttings
Care: No pruning necessary

By Karen