beech Am Fagus grandifolia lv 2This native of eastern North America is a magnificent slow-growing deciduous tree that reaches its full potential in Ohio and the Mississippi river valley. It is ideal for a large open landscape such as a park or golf course where it can spread and develop the wide, spreading habit for which it is known. The tree is symmetrically branched with horizontal branches that often touch the ground. The simple leaves are dark green in summer turning gold-bronze in the fall and persisting into winter. The bark is light gray. The oily seeds attract both birds and animals including fox, deer, rabbits, raccoons, and wild turkeys. The shallow root system makes the soil under the tree inhospitable to grass and most flowering annuals and perennials. (See also European Weeping Beach)

Type: Deciduous tree

Outstanding Features: Form; fall coloration; persistent leaves

Form: Broad pyramid branched to the ground

Growth Rate: Slow

Bloom: Insignificant; April-May

Size: 50-80’ H x 40-60’ W

Light: Full sun; tolerates some shade.

Soil: Moist, well-drained, acidic

Hardiness: Zones 4-7

Care: Prune in summer or fall.

Pests and Diseases: Susceptible to powdery mildew, aphids, canker, and beech bark disease

Propagation: Seed; transplant during dormant season.

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By Karen