Cotoneaster-dammeri-flowering WikiThis evergreen shrub native to central China is one of the best broadleaf evergreens for a groundcover. It offers attractive leaves, small fragrant white flowers in spring, bright red berries in autumn, fine texture throughout the year as well as rapid growth, and low, prostrate habit. Although only about 18” tall, it quickly spreads to be six feet in width. Once established it is drought tolerant so is especially good for dry rocky soils even on slopes. This fine textured plant with its shiny leaves is an attractive addition to borders and can also be espaliered or used in containers. Deer and rabbits leave it alone but bees are attracted by it and may develop nests under its foliage.

Type: Evergreen shrub ground cover

Outstanding Features: Fine texture, glossy evergreen leaves; low growth habit

Form: Prostrate

Growth Rate: Rapid to moderate

Bloom: Fragrant, white flowers ½” across in late spring followed by bright red berries in fall.

Size: 6-24” H x 6’ W depending on cultivar

Light: Full sun but tolerates some shade

Soil: Fertile, well-drained

Hardiness: Zones 6-9 (5 possible depending on the cultivar)

Care: Plant from containers to reduce stress on sparse root system; pinch growth tips in spring for the first two years to encourage a dense habit; prune out dead branches as they appear

Pests and Diseases: Susceptible to spider mites, leaf spot, and fireblight

Propagation: Seed; cuttings in summer

Outstanding Selections:

    ‘Coral Beauty’ (up to 24” tall with outstanding foliage and berries)
    ‘Streibs Finding’ (6” tall).

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By Karen