Also called shortleaf stonecrop, this succulent perennial is native to Japan where it grows on rocky cliffs.  It is a member of the stonecrop family,  Crassulaceae, that also includes jade plant, hens and chickens, and kalanchoe.  The plant has trailing stems that grow up to 8″ long and up to 3″ tall from a central crown.  The pink-tinged silvery grey-green leaves  are round and 1/2″ long.  From late summer to early fall, 6″ long stems bear purplish pink star-shaped flowers.  Cliff stonecrop is a good choice for containers, rock gardens and alpine gardens, and is especially attractive spilling over the cracks in pavement.   The genus name, Sedum, comes from the Latin word sedeo meaning sit, and refers to the low growing habit of the plant.  The specific epithet, cauticola, comes from the Latin word, cautes, meaning rock or cliff and the suffix  -cola meaning dweller, referring to the native habitat of the plant. 

Type: Succulent perennial

Bloom: Purplish pink, star-shaped flowers from late summer to early fall

Size: 2-3″ H x 12″ W

Light: Full sun; tolerates some shade

Soil: Average, dry to medium moist, well-drained

Hardiness: Zones 5-9

Care: Low maintenance

Pests and Diseases: Mealybugs, scale insects, slugs, snails.

Propagation: Seed, stem cuttings, leaf cuttings, division in spring

Companion Plants: Erigeron compositus, blue fescue, Madagascar periwinkle

Outstanding Selections: ‘Blue Elf’

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

By Karen