Corydalis_flexuosa 2This shade loving herbaceous perennial is native to China where it inhabits woodlands and mountains. The blue-green foliage is finely cut and fern-like. The tubular, one inch long flowers are blue to purple with a white throat and have long spurs. They are carried in terminal spikes on slender stems and begin blooming in late spring. In cool climates they may bloom all summer but in areas with warm or hot summers they go into dormancy so do best in cool climates. The generic name Corydalis comes from the Greek korydali meaning lark and refers to the resemblance of the spurs to the spurs of some larks.

Type: Herbaceous perennial

Bloom: Tubular blue to purple, 1 inclong long spurred flowers in terminal clusters in late spring

Size: 12-15″ h x 18″ W

Light: Part shade

Soil: Rich, evenly moist, well-drained, neutral to alkaline

Care: Keep soil evenly moist; apply lime in the fall if the soil is acid.

Hardiness: Zones 5-7

Pests and Diseases: Slugs; also sucetible to downy mildew, rust, aphids,and snails

Propagation: Division in the fall

Companion Plants: Hosta, ferns, trillium, false Solomon’s seal, Tiarella spp.

Outstanding Selections:
‘Blue Panda’ (Sky blue flowers and pale green leaves)
‘China Blue’ (Sky blue flowers with brown green leaves)
‘Pere David’ (Turquoise-blue flowers and blue-green leaves)
‘Purple Leaf’ (Dark blue flowers, red stem, and red marked leaves)

By Karen