coneflower double white Coconut Lime 2Cone flowers of all kinds are a great asset to the garden and this ‘Coconut Lime’ is extra special since it is the first double white cone flower available commercially. Its white ray flowers surround a dense cluster of lime green disc flowers to make a stunning combination. Butterflies love them and gold finches visit in the fall to eat the seeds. The plants are compact, well branched and have strong stems so do not need staking. Once establish, they tolerate drought, poor soil, heat and humidity. Like other cone flowers they are deer resistant. Useful in beds and borders, ‘Coconut Lime’ is especially beautiful when grown in groups or massed and make a long lasting cut flower.

Type: Herbaceous perennial

Bloom: White ray flowers surround lime green disc flowers in compact head in July and August

Size: 18-30” H x 18-24” W

Light: Full sun to partial shade

Soil: Average, dry to medium, well drained

Care: Plants reflower without deadheading

Pests and Diseases: None of significance

Propagation: Division in spring

Hardiness: Zones 3-8

Companion plants: Daylilies, Russian sage, garden phlox, black eyed Susan, golden rod.

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By Karen