Percallis SenettiThis herbaceous perennial is a native of the Canary and Maderia Islands but is grown in the United States as a potted plant or annual. It is a cool weather plant that does well in spring and fall in warm climates, taking a siesta in the summer, but blooms all summer in cool climates. Plants form an attractive mound of medium to dark green foliage consisting of large triangular or heart shapped flowers. Masses of bright colored daisy-like flowers cover the plant during the bloom period. The Senetti series features hybrids with especially vivid blue or magenta petals arranged around a dark eye. Bicolors are also available. Plants are not frost tolerant and are best grown at temperatures between 55o and 72o F. They stop blooming at 80o F. but can be cut back by 50% to encourage rebloom when cool temperatures return. Although they need plenty of moisture, plants can be hurt by over watering or wet feet.

Type: Tender herbaceous perennial grown as annual

Bloom: Daisy like flowers in blue, magenta, and bicolors

Size: 8-12″ H x 8-12″ W

Light: Part shade

Soil: Fertile, moist, well-drained

Care: Fertilize regularly during bloom time; cut back 50% after first bloom to encourage rebloom

Hardiness: Zones 9-11

Pests and Diseases: Powdery mildew, root and crown rots, rust, gray mold, aphids, thrips whiteflies, mites

Propagation: Seed, cuttings of hybrids

Companion Plants: Pansy, English primrose.

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By Karen