Hot Princess 3The hot pink color with purple undertones has made ‘Hot Princess’ a favorite with exhibitors and florists alike. The color does not fade even on hot days and the blooms have a heavy texture and last in the vase for up to 8 days. Added to the eye catching color is the classic form with high spiral center, beloved by exhibitors. Flowers are usually borne singly on long straight stems. The vigorous, upright, well branched bush has dark green, glossy, leathery foliage that may be susceptible to powdery mildew.

Type: Hybrid tea

Origin: Hans Jurgen Evers, Germany, 2000

Parentage: Undisclosed

Flower Size: 2-2.5” from stem to tip

Petal Count: Double

Scent: Slight

Flowering: Repeats in flushes throughout the season

Plant Size: 4-7’ H

Hardiness: Zones 7b and warmer

ARS: 7.9

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By Karen