This popular Polyantha rose produces clusters of 10-40 deep pink flowers in flushes throughout the season beginning a bit later but continuing well into fall. Each flower is up to 1.25″ across and has up to 25 petals, a button-eye form, and a frilly appearance.   The bush has pale, glossy leaves and a loose habit so that it tends to spread laterally, making it an excellent choice for a ground cover. ‘Lovely Fairy’ is a sport of ‘The Fairy’ but can be differentiated by its darker pink color.


Type: Polyantha


Origin: Vurens-Spek, Netherlands, 1990


Parentage: Sport of ‘The Fairy’


Flower Size: 1.25


Petal Count: 20-25


Scent: Mild, fruity


Flowering: Flushes


Plant Size: 16”-4’


Hardiness: Zones 4-10


ARS Rating: 8.4

By Karen