elegant buds open to large airy clusters of 10-25 flowers with Hybrid Tea form. Each flower has pink petals with yellow undertones and lighter pink edges but fade in the sun. The flowers are usually reflexed and sometimes have a button eye. The vigorous bushes are well branched, almost thornless, and carry light green leaves. They tolerate some shade and are very disease resistant.  Three sports are available: White Cecile Brunner, Climbing Cecile Brunner, and ‘Spray Cecile Brunner’.  

Type: Polyantha

Origin: Ducher, France, 1881

Parentage: Unnamed Polyantha x ‘Mme de Tartras’

Flower Size: 2”

Petal Count: 17-25

Scent: Medium, apple


Plant Size: 2-4’ H x 2’ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-10

ARS Rating: 8.5

By Karen