This Polyantha rose is very floriferous and produces well spaced clusters of 10-30 loosely cupped flowers in flushes throughout the season.  The small  flowers have short heart-shaped petals that are  mid pink at first but fade to nearly white.  Since the flowers open at slightly different times a mix of shades from pink to white appear in each cluster. The stems have few prickles and the plants are bushy with dark red new growth that gives way to glossy, leathery dark green foliage.  Plants are vigorous,  heat tolerant,  and generally healthy.


Type: Polyantha

Origin: R.M. Finch, Australia, 1923

Parentage: Orleans Rose x Unnamed seedling

Flower Size: 2″

Petal Count: Double (15-25)

Scent: Moderate, sweet

Flowering: Flushes

Plant Size: 2-3′ H x 3′ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-10

ARS Rating: 8.5




By Karen