Reve Oro 2Translated from the French as “dream of gold”, ‘Reve D’Or ‘ is one of the best climbing roses for warm climates. It grows quickly with long flexible shoots that will rapidly cover an arch or arbor. Stumpy, red- tipped buds open to buff yellow flowers tinged with shades of apricot. The flowers are globular, have numerous frilly petals, and are produced singly or in clusters of up to 15 blooms. The spectacular floral display in spring is followed by successive flushes until fall when a second grand display appears that has especially beautiful flowers. New leaves are red at first but are dark green and glossy when mature. They clothe the bush to the ground adding to the overall attractiveness of the plant. Thorns are not numerous but may be large, red, and hooked. Reve D’Or is disease resistant, easy to grow, and has been given the designation of Earth-Kind Rose.

Type: Noisette climber

Origin: Ducher, France, 1869

Parentage: ‘Mme. Schultz’ x unknown

Flower Size: 2.5-4”

Petal Count: Double; 20-35

Scent: Medium; tea-like

Flowering: First flowering very floriferous; successive flushes until late fall

Plant Size: 10-18’ H x 6-8’ W

Hardiness: Zones 7-9

ARS: 9.2

Awards: “Earth-Kind® Rose of the Year” for 2010.

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By Karen