Rosa-Alain-BlanchardThe flowers are borne on thin stems in twos or threes and are a mix of crimson and purple. As the flowers mature they become more purple with paler blotches and mottling. The flowers have a cupped bloom form and open flat with a golden yellow center of bushy stamens. The bushy vigorous bush has small, dark, rough leaves and stems covered with short prickles. The stems are thin and tend to fall over unless pruned back or supported. The rose is named after a French soldier who was beheaded by the British in 1418 after the siege of Rouen during the 100 Years War.

Type: Gallica Hybrid/Centrifolia
Origin: Vibert, France, 1839
Parentage: Unknown
Flower Size: 2.5”-4”
Petal Count: 9-16
Scent: Mild to strong
Flowering: Once, mid-season
Plant Size: 39” –5’ H x 4-5
Hardiness: Zones 5-8
ARS Rating: 8.6

By Karen