Rose Altissimo4The cup-shaped to flat flowers appear singly or in clusters on long stems, and give way to large orange hips. The petals are uniformly blood red and surround a center of golden stamens with the best color produced during cool weather. The vigorous plants produce new growth that is tinged with purple before turning dark green. ‘Altissimo’ can be grown as a shrub, pillar, or climber and is especially effective on a wall or fence. It is disease resistant and tolerates some shade.

Type: Modern Large Flowered Climber

Origin: Delbard-Chabert, France, 1966

Parentage: ‘Tenor’ seedling

Flower Size: 4-5”

Petal Count: 7

Scent: Light clove to none

Flowering: Flushes throughout the season

Plant Size: 7-15 ’ H x 7-8’ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-10

ARS Rating: 8.4

By Karen