Rose Colette‘Colette’ is part of the Romantica series of roses developed by the Meilland family to capture the shape and scent of old roses with the colors and repeat flowering of new ones. ‘Colette’s’ pale apricot pink flowers have a touch or mustard yellow at the center and fade towards the edges. They are carried singly or in small clusters of two or three, have an abundance of short, broad, wavy petals, and are cupped at first but open to a quartered shape. The plants are vigorous and have a small, dark green leaves and an abundance of prickles.

Type: Modern Climber
Origin: Meilland, France, 1994
Parentage; (Fiona x ‘Friesia’) x ‘Prairie Princess’
Flower Size: 3”
Petal Count: 135-140
Fragrance: Strong and sweet, tea
Flowering: Repeats
Plant Size: 5-15’ H x 4’ W
Hardiness: Zones 7 and warmer
RHS Rating :8.4

By Karen