rose-compassionClassic Hybrid Tea-like buds open to flowers with ruffled petals in a mixture of apricot, salmon pink and orange. The flowers fade to a dirty white and fail to drop off neatly resulting in an unattractive bush. The flowers are borne singly or in clusters of up to five and can be used in the vase. The plant is prickly and bushy with glossy dark green leaves and can be pruned to grow as a shrub.

Type: Modern large flowered climber

Origin: Harkness, Britain, 1972

Parentage: ‘White Cockade’ x ‘Prima Ballerina’

Flower Size:

Petal Count: 36-40

Scent: Strong, fruity, sweet

Flowering: Repeats well

Plant Size:
5-15’ H x 5-8’ W

Hardiness: Zones 5-10

ARS Rating: 8.4

Baden-Baden GM 2973
Edland FA 1973
Geneva GM 1979
Orleans GM 1979

By Karen