Rose DemokracieAlso known as ‘Improved Blaze’ this large-flowered climber is a sport of ‘Blaze’. It bears its scarlet-red flowers singly or in cluster of about seven. Each flower is round, double, and lightly fragrant. The plant has sturdy canes and is fairly vigorous. Its large medium to dark green leaves are glossy and somewhat resistant to mildew and blackspot. Can be grown on a wall, trellis or pillar and its flowers do well in the vase.

Type: Large flowered climber/Hybrid Wichurana

Orign: Bohm, Czechoslovakia, 1935

Parentage: ‘Blaze’ x unknown

Flower Size: 3.1

Petal Count:

Scent: Light to none

Flowering: Spectacular bloom in spring followed by intermittent bloom

Plant Size: 12-15’ H x 6-10’ W

Hardiness: Zones 5-9

ARS Rating: 8.9

By Karen