‘Frederic Mistral’
Frederic Mistral HT 2Also known as ‘The Children’s Rose’, this Hybrid Tea has an old fashioned cup-shaped flower and a mass of dusty rose pink petals that are slightly darker on the reverse.  The flowers are usually carried singly but may be in clusters of 3-5.   The vigorous upright plants have rich green, semi-glossy foliage and almost thornless stems.  In warm climates plants may grow up to 6′ 6″.  The flowers are good in the vase.   ‘Frederic Mistral’  is part of Meilland’s Romantica series that offers roses that have the beauty and charm of old garden roses combined with the health and vigor of the new.  It was given the designation of “Easy-Tea’ by the Hybrid Research Project that identified Hybrid Teas that were relatively easy to grow based  on blackspot susceptibility and overall landscape performance in regard to flowering, vigor, and visual appearance of the plant.  The name of the rose honors the Provencal poet, Frederic Mistral (1830-1914) who received the  1904 Nobel Prize in Literature.

Type: Hybrid Tea

Origin:Meilland, France, 1993

Parentage: (‘Perfume Delight’ x ‘Prima Ballerina’) x ‘The McCartney Rose’

Flower Size: 4.5

Petal Count: 40-45

Scent: Strong, citrus

Flowering: Repeats well

Plant Size: 4- 6′ H x 3′ W

Hardiness: Zones 5-9

ARS Rating: 8.2


Baden-Baden FA 1993

Le Roeulx FA 1994

Belfast FA 1996

By Karen