rose Nastarana 2Clusters of pointed buds open to pale pink flowers that quickly fade to white. The stamens make little petaloids that give a unique look to the flowers. Long slender hips follow the flowers. The plant is upright, bushy and has foliage with a bluish-gray tint. There are at least two cultivars sold under this name differing most significantly in the number of flowers in a cluster.

Type: Noisette

Orign: Discovered in Irby Ernest Francios Pissard (France, 1879)

Parentage: Unknown

Flower Size
: 2”

Petal Count: Semi-double (9-16)

Scent: Strong, musky

Flowering: Repeats well

Plant Size: 4-8 H x 6-10 W

Hardiness: Zones 7-9

ARS Rating:

By Karen