Pierre-de-Ronsard3The large, cupped-shaped, flowers are full of petals and have a charming old fashioned look. They are carried singly and have a large number of creamy petals with deep pink edges, often with a hint of green. The flowers may take a long time to open and are often so heavy they nod. The bushes are compact, moderately vigorous, and healthy. They have tough, dark green leaves and stems with a few prickles.

Type: Large Flowered Climging Rose

Origin: Meilland, France 1987

Parentage: (‘Danse des Sylphes’ x ‘Handel’) x ‘Kalinka’

Flower Size: 3-4”

Petal Count: 55-60

Scent: Light, sweet tea

Flowering: Continuously

Plant Size: 39” –12’ H x 6’

Hardiness: Zones 5-9

ARS Rating: 8.3

By Karen