Vigorous, compact plants bear upright clusters of 5-7 flowers in flushes throughout the summer.   The flowers are almost 3″ across and have short petals that are clear pink on their upper sides and carmine on the backs.    The colors are best in cool climates but tend to fade in the sun and blotch in the rain.  The plants are stiff, thorny, and have dark green leathery leaves with rounded leaflets.  With a maximum length of 12′ the rose is best used on a pillar or wall.

Type: Modern Climber

Origin: Gregory, Britain, 1965

Parentage: ‘Dance du feu’ x ‘New Dawn’

Flower Size: 2.8″

Petal Count: 32

Scent: Faint, green apple

Flowering: Repeats well

Plant Size: 10-12′ H x 6-8′ W

Hardiness: Zones 6-9

ARS Rating: 8.1


By Karen