Cypress Russian Microbiota_decussataThis prostrate fine textured evergreen shrub from the mountains of southeastern Siberia resembles junipers in shape but has sprays of foliage resembling those of arborvitae. The leaves are scale-like and held close to the stem. In the spring they bright green turning dark green in summer and then bronze when cold weather arrives. This bronze color can be quite dark brown so the plant may look dead to the casual eye. The plant grows up to twenty inches tall and has graceful down tipped stems. It spreads slowly and can produce a mat up to twelve feet wide so is a good choice for a ground cover, foundation plantings, raised planters, wall plantings, and embankments. It tolerates some wind, drought, and shade so is a good substitute for junipers that needs full sun.

Type: Evergreen shrub

Outstanding Features: Great hardiness; shade tolerance

Cypress Russian Microbiota decussata br
winter foliage

Form: Prostrate, speading

Growth Rate: Slow to moderate

Bloom: Not significant

Size: 12-20″ H x 6-12′ W

Light: Part sun to part shade

Soil: Average, moist, well-drained; does not tolerate wet soil

Hardiness: Zones 3-8

Care: Shear annually to encourage bushiness

Pests and Diseases:None of significance

Propagation: Seed; semi-hard cuttings in summer.

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By Karen