Fern-Tasmanian-tree-e1329250594198This large evergreen tree fern is endemic to Australia where it grows in moist areas such as the creek beds and gullies of woodlands. It is the most common tree fern in Australia and can form extensive stands . The reddish-brown trunk of the tree is an erect rhizome enclosed in fibrous roots and supports a rosette of fronds. The dark green fronds are leathery, rough, and may be up almost ten feet long. They have brown hairs on their bases and mid ribs. The “trunk” produces offsets which can be cut off and rooted. An excellent choice for a patio container.

Type: Evergreen tree fern

Outstanding Feature: Large fronds

Form: Umbrella

Growth Rate: Slow

Bloom: None

Size: 20’ H x 13’ W (6’ H x 4’ W in container)

Light: Partial shade to shade

Soil: Fertile, organically rich, moist; plant must not dry out.

Hardiness: Zones 9-11

Pests and Diseases: None of significance

Propagation: Spores (but the plants take 20 years or more to produce spores), off sets

By Karen