Rosa gallica is native to southern and central Europe eastward toward Turkey and the Caucasus and was first domesticated by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Most modern roses can trace their ancestry back to this rose and some varieties/cultivars are well known and still popular like ‘ Apothecary’s Rose’ and ‘Rosa mundi’ .  The species is a small thicket forming plant up to 1.6′ tall  and has straight slender prickles and pinnately compound leaves with three to seven bluish-green leaflets.  The  fragrant pink flowers appear in clusters of 1-4 and each flower has five or more petals.  Flowering occurs only once during the season.  The globose to ovoid hips are about 1/2″ in diameter and orange to brown. Many cultivars are available that tend to be 3-4″ tall.

Type: Species rose

Origin:Not relevent

Parentage: Not relevant

Flower Size: 2.4″

Petal Count: 5-10

Scent: Medium and sweet

Flowering: Once

Plant Size: 1.6′ H (thicket forming)

Hardiness: Zones 5-9

ARS Rating: 9


By Karen