This plant is an all time treasure! The chartreuse color looks good with almost everything, it spreads quickly to fill in the space but is never weedy, and grows well in both sun and shade. The plants are not winter hardy in my area but I have dug the tubers in fall and planted them again in the spring with great success. In spring once the tubers have produced new shoots more plants can be propagated in a matter of weeks. One hefty plant can supply a huge number of new plants for use all over the garden and in containers. I recently took some terminal cuttings with about 3-4 leaves and put them in a jar of water. In 2 days roots had started developing! How simple and quick is that?

Type: Annual vine.

Bloom: Not significant.

Foliage: Large lobed chartreuse leaves.

Size: 2’ H x 5’ W.

Light: Full sun to part shade; leaves may singe in full sun if water is inadequate.

Soil: Average, moist, well-drained; drought tolerant when established (will wilt when in need of water but revive quickly and completely once they have water again).

Pests and Diseases: Sweet potato weevils and flea beetles may damage the leaves.

Two day old roots on ornamental sweet potato vine

Propagation: Tubers may be over-wintered and planted in the spring; cuttings may be taken all through the growing season and rooted in water. Terminal cuttings root more quickly than those taken from the middle of the stem. Cuttings will even sprout roots when stuck into the garden bed but may need some shade and plenty of water.

Companion plants: Geranium, verbena, petunia, canna, to mention a few but it looks good with almost everything.

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By Karen