About Amphibians SillMany children need some help to find frogs, toads and salamanders appealing and Cathryn Sill’s book, About Amphibians, is an excellent resource. The book introduces the basic facts about these animals and shows the diversity of the group in a way that teaches children to understand and appreciate amphibians. Young children beginning at age four can enjoy the book over several years as their curiosity and knowledge build.

The text begins with one of the key characteristics of amphibians; they have soft, moist skin. The pages that follow describe many different aspects of their lives such as habitats, protection from enemies, reproduction, food getting, hibernation, aestivation, and communication. Each fact is presented in a simple sentence or phrase on one page with a full page detailed illustration on the facing page. Each illustration features a different amphibian shown in its natural environment including the red salamander, tiger salamander, Colorado River toad, and bullfrog. One of the most appealing pictures is the gray tree frog shown on the limb of a tree to illustrate camouflage. An Afterward presents details on amphibians in general and on the specific examples illustrated in the first part of the book. The more you read this book the more you learn and appreciate the role of these animals in our natural world.

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By Karen