Beer, Food, and Flavor, by Chef, Schuyler Schultz, provides a guide to pairing craft beer with food. The process begins with an introduction to the styles of beer, sensory components, and tasting procedure with sample tasting results for 3 different beers. Next, Schultz considers the characteristics of good beer-food pairings and provides sample pairings that include specific beers and sample menus with recipes. A chapter on beer and cheese not only describes many cheeses but also explains why they go well with various beers. Subsequent chapters discuss the philosophy of craft brewing with a focus on two breweries, a description of notable American craft brewers , and the craft beer community. A glossary and Appendix containing Perter Zien’s Russian Imperial Stout Homebrew Recipe concludes the work, conclude the work.

The information about food pairing, especially the chapter on cheese and beer, was a delight and what I expected from the book. The huge amount of space (over half) devoted to breweries, specific beers, the craft beer community, seemed out of place, considering the title of the book. More information on food pairing would be more appropriate and helpful to those wishing to expand the selection of their beers to match their meals.

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