Its a Good Thing There ARe Ladybugs MatternLadybugs are one of the most irresistible insects that inhabit our gardens but they do more than just add life, movement and beauty to our gardens. Author Joanne Mattern in her book, It’s a Good Thing There Are Ladybugs, describes the role of ladybugs in the environment and introduces young readers to some of the features that make ladybugs unique. Written for children from preschool to second grade, the text is handsomely enhanced by colorful full page photographs.

After noting the importance of ladybugs as predators of aphids and prey of such animals as frogs, dragonflies, and spiders, the author describes the physical characteristics of ladybugs using a labeled photograph to illustrate the body parts. She points out the variety in color, markings, and size and discusses the ways that ladybugs protect themselves from predators. A description of the life cycle of a ladybug leads to a summary of the benefits of having ladybugs in the environment. More details are sprinkled through the text in insets called “Fun Facts”. A three page “Creature Feature Fun” include more facts, riddles, and a suggestion for including a plant in the garden that will attract ladybugs. A glossary and website for more information on ladybugs concludes the work.

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By Karen