Jill Ragan of YouTube’s Whispering Willow Farm, presents a guide to mini farming showing readers how to grow as much food as possible with as little land and as few resources as possible. Whether the goal is food security, reduction of food costs, or eating organically, Ragan’s guide can help make the goals be a reality even if only a small parcel of land is available. Using Ragan’s suggestions yields may be large enough to sell part of the harvest and thus benefit the whole community as well as bring satisfaction to the mini farmer and his/her family.

After a brief introduction to the nature and benefits of mini farming and a discussion of different types of farming, Ragan turns to a consideration of the organization and strategies needed to produce high yields as efficiently as possible. Topics covered include styles of gardening (in ground, raised beds, or containers), equipment and tools, best high-yielding varieties, and planning and preparing the growing space. Ragan gives advice for gardens interested in crops for their family as well as for those interested in selling to their community. A whole chapter is devoted to turning the mini farm into a business.

Ragan’s lover for her subject matter and her devotion to environmental stewardship and giving back to the community come through on every page of the book. Her writing style is friendly and warm and she shares many personal trials and tribulations as well as tips for success. Numerous photographs enhance the text, and charts and diagrams facilitate organization and planning. Much of the material is aimed at beginning mini-farmers, but significant portions are especially useful for the mini-farmer ready to go the next step into market gardening.

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By Karen