Rabbits Rabbits and More Rabbits Gail GibbonsBe prepared to learn many interesting facts about rabbits when you read Rabbits, Rabbits & More Rabbits a non-fiction book about these popular animals. True to form, Gail Gibbons covers many topics about rabbits that will appeal to young readers in grades K-3 and increase their awareness of the unique qualities of these much loved critters. Adults and children alike will find this book a rewarding read and return to reread it over and over.

The author begins by pointing out that there are both wild and tame rabbits and continues with a bit of historical information and the characteristics of the leporid family, which also includes hares. Labeled diagrams show the differences between hares and wild rabbits and many different kinds of rabbits are shown including cotton tail, blue Dutch, Siamese dwarf, Flemish giant, New Zealand red, and harlequin. Special attention is given to the unique characteristics of rabbits that enable them to escape from predators and details are presented on the life cycle of rabbits. We learn that female rabbits are called does, male rabbits are called bucks, and that baby rabbits find their own food when only a few weeks old. Three pages are devoted to giving instructions for the care of a pet rabbit and a page of miscellaneous facts and lore about rabbits concludes the text. Do you know why the Easter bunny delivers eggs? You will after reading this informative work.

Embellished with colorful watercolor and ink illustrations, the text is lively and instructive showing that rabbits are more than just cute creatures that inhabit our gardens and fields. Although the author ignores the destructive effect rabbits can have on a garden, she provides a very good background for appreciating the positive attributes of them. Rabbits, Rabbits & More Rabbits could be a great Easter gift especially if combined with a fictional book about rabbits such as a Beatrix Potter book like The Tale of Peter Rabbit or The Tale of Benjamin Bunny.

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By Karen