If you like heather or heath you will probably like boronia. Boronia has small bell-shaped flowers that are usually hot pink or purple and are borne close to stems covered with needle-like leaves. The stems are softer than heather and have a lemon scent when the leaves or stems are touched so that you know that boronia is related to citrus plants such as lemons, oranges, limes, and grapefruits.

Boronia is a native of Australia but is grown in California for the United States floral industry. The peak season for boronia is spring. A popular cultivar is ‘Lipstick’ but light pink varieties are available too. Because of its relationship to citrus crops it can not be imported into the United States.

When purchasing boronia look for bright green foliage and flowers with good shape and color. Avoid stems with wilted or shriveled flowers. Once you have purchased a bunch of boronia remove the leaves and flowers that will be under water, recut the stems under water, and place in a solution of preservative solution. Store stems at temperatures of 34-38oFloristry pointer

By Karen