Convallaria_Majalis__Lily_of_the_Valley_ (1)Lily of the valley is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial native to the temperate parts of the Northern Hemisphere and is often grown as a ground cover. It grows best where summers are warm but not hot and can form extensive colonies. Each plant has one to three basal leaves that are broadly lanceolate and about eight inches long. Five to fifteen nodding flowers are carried on one sided arching racemes in late spring. The bell-shaped flowers are usually white, sometimes pink, and consist of five fused tepals. They are very fragrant and should be planted where their scent can be enjoyed, or cut and brought into the house. With a vase life of two to six days, a small bunch of lily of the valley in a small crystal vase with a few of their own leaves makes a delicate and beautiful arrangement. Lily of the valley are very popular for wedding bouquets and were included in the bridal bouquets of both Grace Kelly and Catherine Middleton.

Cutting: Needs no special treatment.
Conditioning: Give a deep drink in warm water for a couple of hours.
Preserving: Not relevant

Size: 6-12” h x 8-12” W

Light:Part shade to full shade

Soil:Fertile, consistently moist

Hardiness: Zones 2-5 optimum; 6-7 ok

Propagation: Division

Care: Low maintenance

By Karen