When the pumpkins start showing up in the farmers’ market and stores, the garden is putting on its fall display and it is hard to resist making an arrangement with all flowers in the pumpkin. Early in the morning I wander in the garden and pick a few stems of the various plants, lots of greens, leaves showing fall color, and whatever flowers I can find.   The specific stems that you pick do not really matter as long as they have a variety of textures and colors that will complement each other and the pumpkin.

Here are the steps to making a pumpkin arrangement.

-pumpkin:a flat one is easier to work with and makes a better centerpiece for a dinning room table
-plastic container that will fit into the hallowed out pumpkin snuggly
-floral foam
-spanish moss
-green: at least different kinds, varying in texture and color.
From left to right: loropetalum, boxwood, red oak, cherry laurel
-flowers in assorted textures, shapes, and colors

From left to right:  The green rose, lantana, calicarpa berries, perennial ageratum, gomphrena ‘Strawberry Fields”

-berries (optional, see above)

-felt tip pen
-sharp knife

1. Mark a cutting line on the top of the pumpkin with the felt tip pen, noting the size of the container you will place inside.

2. With a sharp knife, cut off the top and remove the contents of the pumpkin.

3. Place a waterproof container inside the pumpkin. The container can be a little higher than the pumpkin to give it more stability once inserted in the pumpkin cavity.

4. Cut a piece of foam to fit snuggly in the container, allowing it to extend over the rim of the container and pumpkin (so you can insert stems that cascade down the side of the pumpkin)

5. Fill the container with water.

6. Cover the foam with Spanish moss, letting some cascade over the pumpkin

7. Insert the greens,setting the basic size of your arrangement

8. Insert the flowers

9. Fill any spaces with sprigs of greens.

Place the arrangement in an area that is out of direct sunlight and drafts. It will last several days as long as you keep the water level topped up. If you want to extend the life of the arrangement, put it in a cool place like a garage or refrigerator at night when you won’t be around to enjoy it.

Floristry pointer

By Karen