Red tulipsThe language of flowers has been around since Victorian days when suitors gave their beloved a bouquet of flowers, each with significant meaning.  The idea of flowers having meanings was not new but it became very popular in the 1800s and Language of Flowers books flooded the market.  Roses, of course, were always associated with love as they are now, but what other flowers convey sentiments of love and romance and would be wonderful inclusions in a bouquet for that special someone?

Here are ten flowers that say love in different ways:

Red Tulip:  Declaration of love

Honeysuckle: Bonds of love

Red Carnation: Passion, pure love

Larkspur: Ardent love

Forget-me-not: True love

White Dogwood:  Love undiminished by adversity

Azalea: First love

Tuberosa: Dangerous love

Yellow Tulip: Hopeless love

Pansy:  Loving thoughts

Floristry pointer

By Karen