aloe-maculataMac u LA tus; from Latin meaning spotted

Many plants have spotted parts: flowers, stems, or leaves. Maculatus is most often used as a specific epithet but is also employed to indicate a subspecies, variety, or cultivar.

Nemophila_maculata_1Nemophila maculata, also called baby blue eyes and fivespot, is an annual in the borage family, and endemic to California. It has bowl-shaped white flowers with five purple spots.


phlox-maculata_red spotted stemPhlox maculata, also known as wild sweet William, is a perennial in the Polemoniaceae family and native of eastern North American. It has red spots on its stem.


aloe-maculataAloe maculata ( syn. Aloe saponaria), known as soap aloe, is a native of southern Africa. It has variegated leaves with  distinct H-shaped spots.


SI ExifCorymbia maculata (syn. Eucalyptus maculata), is endemic to Australia where it is known as spotted gum. It is tall tree with white, grey or pink spotted bark.

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