Michaelmas daisy is a common name referring to at least two asters, one European  (Aster mellus)and the other North American (Aster novibelgii).  This entry refers to the latter but the Language of Flowers does not distinguish between the two.  New York aster is a herbaceous perennial  and member of the Asteraceae family that also includes sunflower, yarrow, and lettuce.  It is native to Eastern US where it grows in abandon fields, wet meadows, and along roadsides.    The gray-green  leaves are smooth and clasp the stem.  The flowers heads are 1 1/2″ across and consist of fifteen to twenty five  pink to lavender, sometimes white,  ray flowers surrounding a center of yellow disc flowers.  Many cultivars are available that vary primarily in height.Meaning in the Language of Flowers: Cheerfulness in old age


Though time thy bloom is stealing,

There’s still beyond his art,

The wildflower wreath of feeling,

The sunbeam of the heart.   Halleck


_____Her mind is still

As beautiful as ever; still the play

Of light around her lips has every charm

Of youth in all its freshness.   Percival


Virtue gives pleasure an eternal reign.   Young


Virtue can brook the thoughts of age,

That lasts the same through every stage.   Gey


What nothing earthly gives, or can destroy,

The soul’s calm sunshine,and the heartfelt joy,

Is virtue’s prize.   Pope


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By Karen