Rose acacia is a flowering deciduous shrub  and a member of the pea family, Fabaceae, that also includes  mimosa, lupine,  and alfalfa.  It is native to eastern and central US where it thrives in average, moderately moist soil in full sun but tolerates less.  It grows two to ten feet tall and has pinnately compound leaves and very attractive pink flowers in spring.  Plants are often used in the garden as a hedge or screen.


Meaning in the Language of Flowers: Friendship


If I do vow a friendship, I’ll perform it .  Shaks.


Angels from friendship gather half their joy.

Heaven gives us friends to bless the present scene.  Young


Friendship! thou soft propitious power!

Sweet regent of the social hor!

Sublime thy joys, nor understood,

But by the virtuous and the good !   Cotton


Nor hope to find

A friend, but what has found a friend in thee.

All like the purchase, few the price will pay;

And ths makes friends such miracles below.  Young


The friends thou hast, and their adoption tried,

Grapple them to thy soul with hooks of steel.   Shaks.


Old friends, like old swords, are trusted best.  Webster


Be good and friendly still, and oft return.   Milton



Thanks for your flower;

It tells me of a heart,

Allied by friendship’s living tie;

A prize beyond the herald’s art

Our soul-sprung consanguinity.   Campbell


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By Karen