Yellow Elder BahamasThe Nassau Botanical Garden was established on July, 10, 1973 on 18 acres and features over 600 species of shrubs and trees. The site was originally a rock quarry that supplied stones for roadways and the building of fort Charlotte but is now a quiet garden with trails, terraces, a grotto, and an area for parties and weddings. The main entrance on Chippingham Road, was locked the day we visited but a back entrance behind the Humane Society, a little further down the same road, provided parking and easy access to the garden.

The main gate is attractive and provides and picturesque entrance into the garden.

Bot G Entr Gate

A fountain and sitting area greet you as you enter.

Bot G pl n sitting area

Stairs and a handicap ramp lead from the entrance gate into the garden.

Bot G gate n pond

An obelisk given by Delta Airlines decorates a niche along the main walkway.

Bot G Delta obelisk

Lovely openings in the vegetation provide views to enjoy.

Bot G n area

The sun is direct and hot but ample seating has been provided in shade areas.

Bot G sitting area

A stream passes through the garden

Bot G stream

Plants cling to the rocky walls above the stream.

Bot G Rock wall c plants

A massive  stone stairway, without a ramp, leads up into a lush part of the garden.

Bot G stairs (2)

Numerous walkways lead through the dense undergrowth.

Bot G walkway 2

Attractive terraces have been built of the stone from the former quarry.

Bot G terraces 2

In the midst of the lush vegetation is a stone grotto.

Bot G Grotto tunnel

The spectacular ceiling of the grotto is made of solid conch shells.

Bot  G grotto ceiling

In 1992 the garden was expanded and renovated in commemoration of the friendship between China and the Bahamas to include a hillside garden.

Bot G China gift

Nearby, an open space provides space for private parties.

Bot G Party area

Near the back entrance, a huge silk cotton tree catches the eye.

Bot G silk Cotton tree whole

Its size can best be appreciated when you include someone for scale.

Bot G Ch n Silk Cotton tree

There are many other beautiful and interesting plants in the garden. Many of the trees are labeled but if the shrubs and herbaceous plants are labeled I could not find them. I especially liked these colorful companion plants beneath the silk tree.

Bot G Var foliage 3

The Nassau Botanical Garden is well worth a visit but be prepared for broken walkways, empty fountains, and a “tired” look. Nassau itself has a “tired” look because the main tourism has shifted to Paradise Island a short distance away by bridge. If you enjoy a peaceful get away from the hustle and bustle of the tourist environment, this is a lovely place to visit.

If you enjoyed this look at the Nassau Botanical Garden you might enjoy two other gardens in the area, the The Retreat and the Versailles Garden on Paradise Island.

By Karen

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