shrubbery and walk_IMG_1090The ancient Phoenicians founded the city in 770 BC, the Romans and Arabs subsequently occupied it, and now all of Europe knows of the delights of Malaga. Sad to say, however, few visitors have taken advantage of the beautiful garden that runs along the port. Most people visiting Malaga, head for the beaches or the shopping when right in their midst is a lovely oasis of greenery. True, it is small, but its beauty is a treat for the eyes and its solitude an elixir for the soul.

The garden is narrow, about a block wide, and runs 600 meters parallel to two main thoroughfares. It is filled with plants, numbering about 1000, and includes trees, shrubs, perennials and bulbs.

lush vegetation FullSizeRender

Broad stone walkways edge the garden and carefully maintained pounded dirt paths wind their way in the interior.



The climate is mild so even in January there were many plants blooming, natives as well as exotics.


The park is very well maintained and the signage is good so that visitors can learn the name of their favorite plants.



Several open areas with fountains or statues add to the serenity of the park.


A large area has been developed as a theater.

theater stage IMG_1101

And a playground for young children is included.


The park is a perfect place for a family outing, meeting with friends, or walking a dog, and provides a shady, cool retreat for all visitors after a day of shopping or the beach. Truly a treat for everyone.


By Karen