Radish Cherry BelleRadishes (Raphanus satiivus) are one of the easiest and most successful vegetablse to grow. Even better, they are a cold weather crop, can be planted long before most other vegetables, germinate quickly and readily, and are harvested in about three weeks, long before a single tomato appears on the vines. All this makes them an ideal crop for beginning gardeners and children. Because of their quick germination rate, radishe seeds are often sown with slow germinating vegetables like carrots to mark the row. Once the temperatures are high the radishes will bolt.

Radishes are of two types, spring and winter. Spring radishes, like ‘Cherry Bell’ and ‘Champion’, are the ones most commonly seen in North America. They are relatively small, round, and are sown directly in the garden in the spring as soon as the ground can be worked, about four to six weeks before the last frost Winter radishes, including daikons, can be round or long, are generally larger than spring radishes, and are planted about mid summer for a fall harvest. Because radishes are pollinated by beas and readily cross with other radish varieties, grow one variety at a time if you want to collect seeds.


1. Direct sow seeds ¼ -½” deep and one inch apart. Plants will germinate in five to ten days under favorable conditions with temperatures over 45 F.
2. Thin to 2-3 inches apart.

For a continuous crop of spring radishes, plant short rows every two weeks.

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By Karen