angelicaarchangelica3Garden angelica is a biennial native to cooler parts of Europe and Asia. It is a large plant and needs plenty of space in the garden. The first year it produces a clump of leaves and in the second year produces a stout hallow stem that grows up to six feet tall and bears the flowers. The tiny flowers have green-white petals and are produced in large globes up to six to nine inches across. The flowers appear in early summer and mature into attractive seed heads in late summer. The yellow-green leaves are douby compound, each leaf being two to three feet long with leaflets three inches long. The flowers heads are so big they can only be used in large arrangements but they can be pulled apart and for use in small ones. The seed heads can be dried.

Cutting: Needs no special treatment
Conditioning: Hold all stems in one inch of boiling water for ten seconds then give a long drink in cool deep water. Fill hallow stems with water and plug with a piece of Oasis or cotton.
Preserving: Cut flower heads when seeds are fully formed and hang upside down in dry place.


      : 3-6’ H x 2-4’ W


      : Full sun to part shade


      : Fertile, medium moist to wet, slightly acidic


      Zones 5-7


      Propagation: Seed, root cuttings in second year


    Care: Plants may last more than two years if flower heads are removed.

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By Karen